Walkway Safety Professional

Who Should Attend?

  • Engineers
  • Construction Contractors
  • Facility Managers
  • Building Service Contractors
  • Risk Managers/Professionals
  • Safety Engineers/Professionals
  • Flooring Installers/Professionals
  • Architects
  • Interior Designers

What Will I Learn?

The WSP course is a 20+ hour, assessment-based certificate program in which you will learn to characterize the safety of a pedestrian walkway as a Qualified Walkway Auditor both as a proactive and prescriptive service or in response to an incident. You will have familiarity with guiding documents, the sources for research, practical walkway tribometry using slipmeters, and walkway safety. You will be introduced to key topics, information, and a framework to design, plan, build, maintain, and insure safer walkways.

You’ll learn key elements of walkway management including selection of materials, facility design and layout, pedestrian flow, cleaning processes, floor care tools, chemicals, audit programs, personal injury, and liability. You will understand how to use a standardsbased approach to analyze walkway safety using published standards to measure static coefficient of friction (SCOF) and dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF), learn to use the ANSI/ NFSI set of test method for hard surfaces standards (B101.1 – SCOF, B101.3 – DCOF), learn to use the new ANSI A326.3 DCOF test method for hard surfaces (is referred to in ANSI A137.1), understand the OSHA requirements related to walkways, and be aware of the key ANSI and ASTM standards available.

How Will I Benefit?

  1. Gain the knowledge, practical training, and frameworks to be able to provide reliable observations and opinions regarding the conformance of an audited pedestrian walkway to relevant safety guidelines or requirements reducing the risk and cost of slips and falls per ASTM F2948
  2. Be considered a “Qualified Person” per OSHA 1910.22 Subpart D
  3. Provide services to internal and external customers to decrease the risk and cost of slips and falls, while improving employee as well as guest experience, and delivering cleaner, safer floors
  4. Be certified to use the Johnson Forensic GS-1 and American Slip Meter 825A tribometers
  5. Access to continually updated training material
  6. Annual certification check of knowledge and standards

Course Information

  1. Course location and dates are subject to change or cancellation.
  2. Cancellation policy
    • 30+ days prior to course start is 100% tuition refund minus $45 refund fee
    • 21-29 days prior to course start is a 75% tuition refund minus $45 refund fee
    • 14-20 days prior to course start is a 50% tuition refund
    • 8-13 days prior to course start is a 25% tuition refund
    • 0-7 days  prior to course start is a 10% tuition refund
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