Traction Enhancement

Sometimes the substrate, facility use, foot traffic density, soil load, and cleaning process don’t provide adequate levels of traction. From ceramic to stone there are various chemistries that can be used to enhance traction.

For example, some mall operators treat their terrazzo entrances with a traction enhancement. In this example, while there is a definite gloss reduction, the increased level of traction for their guests is significant.

Once we have analyzed your flooring situation we work with trained, 3rd party service providers that will complete the traction enhancement services.

Quarry Tile Rejuvenation

Quarry Tile is one of the best substrates for use in environments like commercial kitchens. Over time the tile will surface polish and may build up polymerization due to heavy soil loads combined with non-optimal cleaning processes.

The enhancement process uses chemistry tested to be safe and effective on Quarry Tile.

Custom Scenarios

Your company or facility may have a custom scenario not covered or a problem area that requires troubleshooting.

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