Call Substratum. Problem solved.

Whether you are deciding how to design, plan, build, maintain, or insure your facility Substratum can help. We have decades of experience in how to make floors cleaner and safer. Our team includes expertise in materials, the floor care process, Risk Management, Operations, and Facility Services. Our services include walkway safety consulting and auditing, training, product development and testing, Expert Witness, and providing specialty floor care services..

Your goal is to have a safe facility for everyone whether they are employees, guests, vendors, or customers. Reducing the risk and cost of slips and falls are not usually part of anybody’s mission statement. Substratum accelerates problem resolution via an in-depth customer needs analysis, solution development, and execution. The needs analysis includes whatever level of discovery you need to solve your problem and ranges from phone-based interview to field work. Solution development includes lab and field testing, working with your vendors and employees, and a workflow that meets your timeline and financial objectives. Execution can include webinars, on-site roll-out and training. If you need extra hands Substratum can do the work for you including walkway safety audits and specialty floor care tasks (using a 3rd party service provider).

The last thing you want is to have your slip and fall problem become a legal issue. While our goal is to help you mitigate risk and prevent slips and falls there will always be pure accidents that can be prevented. Substratum provides Expert Witness services to your legal team using a standards-based approach. Services include written opinions, on-site walkway safety audits, depositions, and trial.

Why Choose Substratum?

      • Extensive background in the development and execution of floor care solutions for all facility types
      • Deep technical and operational understanding of floor care maintenance from having done it
      • Experienced curriculum developers and classroom training instructors
      • Members of technical standards committees and organizations focusing on walkway safety
      • Standards-based approach to walkway safety
      • ANSI Walkway Auditor Certificate Holder
      • Service coverage capable of meeting your needs

What Clients Say

Substratum knows the market, knows the problem, and knows how to solve problems. I recommend them.

We wanted to understand the market better and they quickly did a customer needs analysis and proposed a solution.
We needed a walkway safety audit to understand how our coating would change the traction level. They quickly gave us a proposal, came to our test location, used the ANSI B101.1 and B101.3 standards, and wrote us a comprehensive report.

Specialty Services

I Have a Problem

Services include traction coatings and developing a Walkway Management program.

Walkway Safety Audits

I Need Facts and Data

One time audits or a system-wide ongoing service available.

Product Evaluation and Testing

Implement the Solution

We do the work or support you team on coatings, substrates, tools, or processes.

Expert Witness

I Need a Legal Opinion

Standards-based approach providing support to your legal team.