Interior Designers, Architects, Engineers, and Contractors aren’t aware of how to Design, Plan, and Build a walkway to reduce the risk and cost of slips, trips, and falls while providing a walkway that can be cleaned better and faster. Building owners, operators, and facility maintenance professionals aren’t aware that they may be increasing the risk of slips and falls with how they clean, could be cleaning better and faster. And building service contractors (BSCs) and are missing out on revenue from offering the increasingly in demand walkway safety services. To provide these key partners in walkway safety with the practical knowledge, training, and products to be a Walkway Safety Professional (WSP) Substratum Group has launched a 3-day course. WSP is based on the cycle of walkway management (design, plan, build, maintain, insure) developed by Substratum.

The course curriculum and fee includes:
• Classroom instruction on the core elements on walkway safety
• Training on how to design, plan, build, and maintain walkways
• Certification on use of the Regan Scientific BOT-3000E and American Slip Meter ASM 825A
• Hard copies of key ASTM and ANSI standards are available for additional expense
• Training manuals including templates, forms, spreadsheets, presentations
•Snacks provided

The course uses a standards-based approach to walkway safety and provides education on what you need to know. It is a dense curriculum ensuring the graduates bring immediate practical value to their companies and customers. Standards and technology to quantify walkway safety are now available.

The course is based on ASTM F2948-13 and ensures students are educated and tested to be considered a qualified person to conduct walkway safety audits.

This is a 3-day curriculum covers Walkway Management, Practical Tribometry, and uses a practical, hands-on approach to learning how to site surveys and solve walkway problems.