Robotic Warehouse Flooring Test Rental System – 825A SCOF slip meter ($825 3-day rental, $1850 refundable deposit, shipping extra)


Robotic warehouse flooring test system includes American Slip Meter 825A, gloss meter, and surface resistance tester.

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Robotic warehouses require a minimum surface friction, a maximum gloss, and a maximum surface resistance. This is required so drive units (robotic devices) don’t slip, get “blinded”, or build up static charge.

Surface friction requirements are usually specified as a minimum dry static coefficient of friction (SCOF) value. Older designs specify ASTM C1028 (withdrawn in 2014) while newer designs specify a minimum dry SCOF value without identifying a test method.



Gloss requirements are specified as a maximum gloss reading as determined by ISO 2813 or ASTM D523. The gloss is measured at a specific angle per D523 as gloss units (GU).


Surface resistance requirements are specified as a maximum surface resistance as determined by ASTM D257 or EOS/ESD standards. The surface resistance is measured as ohms/sq.

Rental period starts the day after the system is delivered to your location and the day the system is delivered to shipper for return. The system must be returned within 3 days of the end of the rental period. Additional days beyond 3 delivery days will be invoiced as rental days. Shipping from/to Substratum is not included and can be coordinated by Substratum to simplify the rental process.

Rental information is based on customer location with United States.

Rental price and equipment included (only valid for Continental U.S. rentals) for system with 825A:

  1. $825 (3-day rental)
  2. $1850 refundable deposit
  3. Additional days are $100/day, weekends/holidays count as rental days
  4. Rental period starts day after delivery and ends day of return shipping
  5. 825A slip meter
  6. Gloss Unit Tester
  7. Surface Resistance Tester (Static Solutions Ohm-Stat RT-1000)

Rental price does not includes:

  1. Shipping to/from rental location

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