We know that it’s a significant investment to buy a quality tribometer. Whether you’re testing a new process or doing a coating test where you only need to take a few sets of measurements it’s very cost effective to rent.

Rental period starts the day after the GS-1 is delivered to your location and the day the GS-1 is delivered to shipper for return. The GS-1 must be returned within 3 days of the end of the rental period. Additional days beyond 3 delivery days will be invoiced as rental days. Shipping from/to Substratum is not included and can be coordinated by Substratum to simplify the rental process.

Rental information is based on customer location with United States.

Rental price and equipment included (only valid for Continental U.S. rentals):

  1. $7700 deposit (rental cost of minimum $700 will be deducted from deposit upon return and inspection of GS-1 to Substratum)
  2. 3-day rental (additional days are $200/day, weekends count as rental days)
  3. 50%-off discount coupon for 3-hour online IDCEC-approved CEU “Flooring: Design Considerations and Material Selection for Health, Safety, & Welfare” (regular price $130)
  4. 50%-off discount coupon for 1-hour online course “Operator Certification Level I” which includes 3-hour online IDCEC-approved CEU “Flooring: Design Considerations and Material Selection for Health, Safety, & Welfare”  (regular price $499)
  5. Rental period starts day after delivery and ends day of return shipping
  6. GS-1 slip meter and case
  7. Windows-based tablet computer (Win 10)
  8. For additional cost B101.1 and B101.3 test method standards can be added
  9. Reference tile
  10. Sled – mass that sits on sensor material (“feet”) and pulled by slip meter
  11. Sensor material (“feet”) – neolite, SBR, leather
  12. USB cable between GS-1 and tablet computer
  13. Power cable for GS-1
  14. Power cable for tablet computer


  1. For rentals to Canada and Mexico, minimum 7 day rental required ($1500) due to extra 4+ days due to cross-border shipping and customs/duty
  2. For rentals overseas, please contact us for a quote.

Price does not includes:

  1. Shipping to/from rental location
  2. Customs/Duties required by local law

GS-1 Technical Specifications

  • Product: GS-1 Walkway Tribometer, Portable
  • Size: 12-1/2” X 5-5/8” X 5-5/8” (317 X 143 X 143 mm)
  • Weight: 7.3 Lbs (3.32 kGms)
  • Power: Internal NiMH Batteries
  • Battery Life: 3 to 7 years depending on usage.
  • Run Time on Single Charge: 20 hrs (approximate)
  • Recharge Time: Overnight
  • Charger: Provided with unit. 18 V +/- 3% DC, ½ A Min.
  • Internal Sensitivity: 1 part in 4096 (0.025%)
  • Repeatability: 1%
  • Accuracy: < 2%
  • Uses gravity to calibrate pull force used in calculating COF=F/N
  • Host: Works with any Windows-based computer running XP, Win 7, or Win 8.
  • Interface: USB Type B Port

GS-1 Features

  • Fully Automatic System
  • Internal Self Calibration
  • Operator Independent
  • Reproducible Results
  • Correlation With Force Plate Measurements
  • Concurrent Graphical Display as Data is Taken
  • Computer Operated & Controlled using tablet computer (included with rental)
  • Patent-Pending Technology

The GS-1 is the most technologically advanced, accurate and easy-to-use slip meter available today. Fully digital and automatic, it provides a wealth of detailed data at the push of a button. The GS-1 connects directly to your computer via USB for rapid analysis and permenant storage.

The GS-1 measures both the static and dynamic coefficients of friction, providing an accurate measurement of surface slipperiness in both dry and wet conditions while taking multiple sequential measurements to ensure the highest level of accuracy and to produce an average slip coefficient value. It provides the raw data as well as automatically calculated findings can be saved and printed onto an 8.5 x 11 inch paper appropriate for written reports and courtroom presentations. The GS-1 relies upon unique, patent pending technology to seamlessly integrate a comprehensive range of features far beyond what other tribometers offer.

For the professional seeking the most accurate and true COF measurements, the GS-1 is the most versatile and powerful option.

If there are any discrepancies between the rental information printed here and the rental agreement, the rental agreement applies.