ASTM D523 Gloss meter Rental


Note on Rental: $35 for days (minimum), $100 refundable deposit, $10/day for additional days. For Hawaii, Alaska, and outside U.S. see below.

Many robotic warehouses specify a low gloss finish for coatings and require the D523 standard be used.

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  1. $35 for 3 days (minimum)
  2. $100 refundable deposit
  3. $10/day for additional days
  4. Shipping to/from rental location will be calculated and added to invoice (3-5 day ground shipping unless requested)

While gloss is not related to traction levels it is a useful metric when diagnosing floor problems. The ETB-0686 Gloss meter uses the ASTM D523, GB9754-88, and GB9966.5 standards. The ETB-0686 is a 60 degree gloss meter

Price shown is cost for continental U.S. rentals.


  1. For rentals to Canada and Mexico, minimum 7 day rental required ($245) due to extra 4+ days due to cross-border shipping and customs/duty.
  2. For rentals overseas, please contact us for a quote.

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