Price includes:

  1. Free ground shipping within U.S.
  2. 3-hour online “Flooring: Material Selection and Design Considerations for Health, Safety, & Welfare”, IDCEC-approved CEU (regular price $130)
  3. A326.3 test method
  4. A137.1 test method excerpt for COF
  5. For an additional cost the B101.1 and B101.3 test standards can be added

The BOT-3000E tribometer provides the walkway safety professional with a serious tool in measuring traction levels of multiple surfaces while using several standards. The BOT-3000E is approved for use with the ANSI A326.3(DCOF). The BOT3000E is not an NFSI-approved tribometer.

The Advanced Kit is supplied with the following items:
1 BOT-3000E Digital Tribometer
1 Pelican travel case
1 Battery Charger
2 Battery packs
2 SBR sensor
2 SLS surfactant vials (makes 1 U.S gallon @ 0.1% or 2 U.S. gallons % 0.05%)
2 Thermal paper rolls
1 Verification mass
1 Reference surface
1 Sensor reconditioning tool
1 Brush
1 Manual
1 Collapsible “Caution” sign
1 Collapsible parts container
1 USB flash drive

Leather and neolite sensors are available separately and not included in kits. Please contact us if you need these.