Substratum works closely with NFSI and ASTM to develop the standards and processes required for a comprehensive Walkway Management Program. We use the scientific method to develop, test, and commercialize products. Our team and Partner Companies are world-class leaders in creating Walkway Management programs.


We have developed, evaluated, and launched products and services for many of the largest floor care companies, Building Service Contractors, and Facility Managers around the globe. Working with your team to develop a Statement of Work (SOW), we can guide, support, or execute activities required to meet your Walkway Product or Service needs.


Ensuring your product or service will meet specifications requires testing. Substratum can guide, support, or execute the 3rd party lab or field tests required. Product testing of smaller items like tribometry measurements of new substrates or coatings can quickly and easily be done in a laboratory environment. Process testing, like a cleaning program for a facility, will require 30 or more days of daily use with Substratum providing support as defined by the SOW.

We can do lab or field slip resistance tests using B101.1, B101.3, and A326.3. We can also complete D2047 tests lab tests.