Substratum knows Walkway Management from the Ground Up

What We Do For You

Expert Witness for Walkway Safety – whether you are the Plaintiff or Defendant. A standards-based walkway audit conducted by a qualified person can quickly identify and quantify the elements related to a walkway safety issue. For single site incidents like a slip and fall a walkway safety audit and report can usually be completed in one day.

We have over 15 years of developing and evaluating walkway safety programs for all Commercial segments (Foodservice, Retail, Hospitality, Education, Healthcare, Office). Our expertise includes domain knowledge in substrate selection, tools, chemistry, process, training, and oversight required to minimize the risk and cost of slips and falls.

You need an expert who understands the industry standards from a practical perspective and uses physics-based, scientific principles to evaluate safety issues. This can be a key determinate in the outcome of a case.

General Underwriting Loss Control Surveys – Collect the information you require for informed decisions.

Opinion – When an accident happens we can quickly review the known facts of the situation and provide an opinion.

Written Opinion – We complete an onsite, standards-based, walkway safety audit that identifies dangerous conditions in the facility, evaluates the processes in place against the expected level of care, and identifies a proximate cause of the accident.

Deposition and Trial – We are available for further litigation support as required to defend the opinion from our investigation.

Who Will Be On Your Team

The primary slip and fall Expert Witness for Substratum Group is David Collette.

David has over 15 years of developing walkway safety programs for all commercial facility types while at DiverseyLever, Johnson Wax, and Cintas. He is a past Board Member at the National Floor Safety Institute and past Main Committee Member for the NFSI/ANSI B101 standard. He is currently a member of NFSI/ANSI B101.4 (Test Method for measuring the wet barefoot condition of flooring materials or products), ANSI A108 (Accredited Standards Committee on Ceramic and Glass Tile that manages the A137.1 and A326.3 standards), ASTM F13 (Pedestrian/Walkway Safety and Footwear), ASTM D21 (Polishes that manages the D2047 standard), F15.03 (Safety Standards for Bathtub and Shower Structures), and F06.6 (Resilient Floor Coverings – Slip Resistance).

His focus in on proactively reducing the risk and cost of slip, trip, and fall while helping facilities clean better and faster through education. He teaches the many courses on walkway safety related topics including:

  • 3-day Walkway Safety Professional course
  • 1/2 day Introduction to Walkway Management course
  • GS-1 Operator Certificate
  • BOT3000E Operator Certificate
  • ASM 825A Operator Certificate
  • Flooring: Design Considerations and Material Selection for Health, Safety, & Welfare (an IDCEC-approved CEU for IIDA, ASID, and IDC)
  • Walkways: What You Need To Know To Design, Maintain, and Insure Cleaner, Safer Floors

He is a member of ASTM, ASSE, ISSA, ICC, and APEGM. He is a Fellow of the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance. He has filed several patents related to walkway safety and has published articles and white papers in magazines like ISSA Today (ISSA), Facilitator Magazine (Restaurant Facility Management Association). He has presented to both company and industry events including RFMA and ACUHO-i (Assocation of College and University Housing Officers – International). He has a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Manitoba, an MBA from the University of Chicago, has a Certificate in Assessing Walkway Safety from the University of Northern Texas, and ANSI Walkway Auditor Certificate Holder #31, and is a Walkway Safety Professional.

Contact us for a no-charge consultation to discuss how we can help. A CV and rate sheet are available.