Walkway Safety Professional Affiliate Program

What Are The Program Details?

  • $7,900 USD with ASM 825A Slipmeter (SCOF only) (Exclusive territories available for upcharge based on area)
  • An American Slip Meter 925 (DCOF only) can added for an additional $2900
  • A Regan Scientific BOT-3000E (DCOF/SCOF) can be added for an additional $6900
  • A Johnson Forensic GS-1 (DCOF/SCOF) can be added for an additional $6900
  • 3 Day training course for two people (additional persons, $475 each)
  • License to use WSP and Introduction to Walkway Management (IWM) content to provide and sell training
  • Marketing materials
  • Walkway audit forms and documents
  • Forwarding of leads from Local and National referrals
  • Hotel accommodations provided for training (Hotels may vary by availability)
  • Lunch and Training Materials provided

What Will I Learn?

The WSP course is a 20-hour, assessment-based certificate program in which you will learn to characterize the safety of a pedestrian walkway as a Qualified Walkway Auditor both as a proactive and prescriptive service or in response to an incident. You will have familiarity with guiding documents, the sources for research, practical walkway tribometry using slipmeters, and walkway safety. You will be introduced to key topics, information, and a framework to design, plan, build, maintain, and insure safer walkways.

You’ll learn key elements of walkway management including selection of materials, facility design and layout, pedestrian flow, cleaning processes, floor care tools, chemicals, audit programs, personal injury, and liability. You will understand how to use a standards based approach to analyze walkway safety using published standards to measure static coefficient of friction (SCOF) and dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF), learn to use the ANSI/ NFSI set of standards (B101.1 – SCOF, B101.3 – DCOF), learn to use the ANSI A326.3 hard surface DCOF test method (referred to in ANSI A137.1), understand the OSHA requirements related to walkways, and be aware of the key ANSI and ASTM standards available. You will be trained to use the ASM825A and either the ASM925, BOT3000E, or GS-1.


  • 1 Detailed Affiliate Manual
  • 1 Training Manual per person
  • 3 Day Training course
  • 2 Night Free Hotel Stay for training (double occupancy, $200 credit if hotel not required)
  • WSP Certification per ASTM F2948
  • GS-1, BOT-3000E, 825A Operator Certification as applicable
  • Annual certification test includes written and practical tribometer test ($200 per WSP)

How Will I Benefit?

As a Substratum WSP Affiliate you will be qualified to:

  • Provide Walkway Auditor services including to a wide range of customers
  • Provide testing services to local companies (e.g. post-install audit of traction levels based on build specification, coating or floor material lab testing using standards)
  • Sell and teach the WSP course with 50% revenue sharing to develop your own WSP network
  • Sell and teach the IWM course with 50% revenue sharing.
  • Subcontract from Substratum Group to do walkway audits and services for local and national customers. (You would be paid based on predefined auditing requirements.)

What Customers Need A WSP?

  • Building Service Contractors that want to talk to customers about walkway safety
  • Architects and Interior Designers needing to quantify the traction level of their designs before and after they are built
  • Engineers requiring data for expert witness cases
  • Government officials checking the slip resistance and safety of their walkways
  • Manufacturers needing a third party evaluation of their walkway products
  • Risk management and safety professionals needing a qualified person to evaluate a walkway
  • Professionals needing an introduction to walkway safety
  • Professionals needing training to become Walkway Auditors
  • Lawyers needing expert witnesses for walkway incidents

What Is My Commitment?

  • Complete the annual certification test for each WSP within your company
  • Be available for contract-based auditing and training in your area